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2013 Sustainability Report
Date 2014-10-08 오전 11:57:15
Attach 10019224 Sustainability at OC 2013 Highlights Brochure


Our people and products make the world a better place. That simple and powerful purpose
defines Owens Corning today, as well as the company we are building for the future. The
people of Owens Corning are committed to expanding our impact through sustainability to
deliver on this purpose. Our commitment to sustainability starts with the Board of Directors
and runs through the management teams and employees around the globe.
We are proud of our accomplishments this past year to further reduce our environmental
footprint. But, footprint reduction alone doesn’t define our values. We have initiated the
exciting work of understanding, measuring and expanding our handprint ? creating a netpositive
impact of our company and its products.

Our 2013 Sustainability Report is a record of our achievements. It also includes candid
acknowledgment that much more is needed to achieve our aspiration of expanding our
impact through sustainability. Our progress is embedded across all aspects of our company
and some of our highlights are below:

? Awarded the Green Cross for Safety medal from the National Safety Council for leadership and progress
in safety.
? Extended our industry-leading track record of safety achievement with performance comparable to 2012.
? Expanded our aspiration in safety beyond accident prevention to “Living Safely.”
Operations Sustainability
? Continued progress toward meeting our ambitious 2020 environmental footprint goals.
? Commissioned the largest on-site solar PV system in the state of New York at our Delmar EcoTouch®
Insulation plant.

Product Sustainability
? Published our FOAMULAR® Insulation Environmental Product Declaration
? Recycled one million tons of asphalt shingles in North America, representing approximately 10 percent
of the market.
Supply Chain Sustainability
? Doubled our freight miles driven on natural gas (converted from diesel), paving the way to run 15% Natural
Gas Miles in 2014; our goal is 50 percent by 2020. 

Climate Advocacy
? Signed the Climate Declaration calling on the U.S. policymakers to address climate change and joined the
Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) advocacy organization.
Strategic Philanthropy
? Assisted nearly 4,000 families through the donation of insulation and roofing materials for their homes.
? Impacted the lives of more than 5,500 children in China by constructing nutritional food kitchens in
rural schools.

Thank you for your continued interest in Owens Corning and our sustainability journey. Our
commitment to expanding our impact through sustainability is unwavering and we welcome
your comments on the progress we are making at: