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OC Takes the Gold
Date 2014-02-05
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In its just-published Sustainability Yearbook, RobecoSAM awarded Owens Corning the Industry Leader and Gold Class Sustainability Award in the building products sector. Owens Corning is the only U.S.-based company to receive the award in the building products category.


The annual Sustainability Yearbook recognizes the most sustainable companies around the world.


“This is a tremendous honor, and Owens Corning is proud to be recognized on this prestigious list,” said Frank O’Brien-Bernini, chief sustainability officer. “Our employees work hard, every day, to reduce our environmental footprint in our operations and grow our net-positive handprint in our markets and communities. External validation like this energizes our people and strengthens our resolve to set the bar even higher.”


RobecoSAM analyzes 2,500 global companies yearly to create its sustainability indexes. Owens Corning has been a part of RobecoSAM’s Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the past four years. This year, it also captured the Industry Leader designation in the building materials category. Eighteen companies applied for the DJSI in the building products category and only three received it.


RobecoSAM measures the performance of each company on three criteria: financial, environmental and social. To be part of the Sustainability Yearbook, companies must score in the top 15 percent in their industry. They also must achieve a score within 30 percent of the best-performing company in their industry.


Nancy Joy, sustainability leader, commented, “The current Gold Class Sustainability Award speaks to the tremendous efforts made across the company to implement sustainable practices ? from reducing our environmental footprint to product development decisions that reduce materials of concern. Our commitment to the communities in which we operate through job creation and volunteering factor into consideration on the social gauge.


“Every employee in the company helped us earn this designation,” she added.


“Companies looking to work with sustainable partners take these awards very seriously,” Nancy said. Those looking to work with or invest in a sustainable company turn to rating systems such as the sustainability indexes created by RobecoSAM when making their decisions.


To learn more about sustainability at Owens Corning, visit The site currently lists information for 2012. By late June, the site will be updated to reflect efforts made in 2013. The Industry Leader and Gold Class Sustainability Award are based on 2012 activity.