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Date 2014-04-02
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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Owens Corning EcoTouch® Fiberglas™ insulation received a 2014 Product & Project of the Year Award from Environmental Leader.


Environmental Leader is a leading daily trade publication for energy, environmental and sustainability news. Its annual top products list honors companies making “the biggest difference in the field of energy, environmental and sustainability management.”


In describing EcoTouch insulation, one Environmental Leader judge said, “Has a wide range of applications: residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It contributes to supporting energy efficiency and green building certifications and is setting itself apart from other products in its class. With third party certifications, it is establishing a high performance bar.”


Frank O’Brien-Bernini, OC chief sustainability officer who serves as a judge for other Environmental Leader award categories (though not for OC submissions), said the company should be very proud of this award. “This is a unique award in that there is no time-bound requirement. It is designed to recognize stellar products making a large positive difference in their market.”


Frank added, “I recall when we first launched EcoTouch insulation ? we introduced it as ‘green without compromise.’ This award is further recognition, beyond our customers’ accolades, that we have achieved that aspiration.”


Product Praise
In announcing this award, Environmental Leader said EcoTouch insulation “provides comfort and lower energy consumption, resulting in lower monthly heating and cooling costs, and was designed with the environment in mind for owners of new and existing homes.


“The product features a formaldehyde-free formulation made of natural materials, and is soft to the touch, making for easy handling. It also features excellent stiffness and recovery characteristics and can easily be cut and split for insulating small spaces and odd-shaped cavities.”


The write-up about EcoTouch insulation added, “The insulation is certified to contain a minimum of 58 percent total recycled content and 36 percent post-consumer recycled content. The energy needed to produce a pound of EcoTouch insulation is saved during the first month in use, and continues to save through the life of the building. As one judge said, ‘It’s exciting to see a product that provides lower energy consumption and comfort.’”


Further, the article mentioned its certified Environmental Product Declaration. An Environmental Product Declaration describes the impact of a product throughout its life cycle. This includes raw material extraction, transportation, manufacturing, packaging, use, and disposal at end of life.


“Owens Corning recently added an R-20 offering to help builders and contractors easily and cost-effectively meet upgraded energy codes. The professional-grade R-20 offering delivers all the thermal and acoustical performance benefits of Owens Corning’s PROPINK® EcoTouch insulation in a code-compliant and nationally in-stock product,” said Environmental Leader.